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Lugar Center Co-Hosts Safe Sleep Workshop

In honor of Safe Sleep and SIDS Awareness Month, West Central Indiana Healthy Start (WCIHS) hosted a Safe Sleep Workshop “Empowering Childcare Providers to

WCIHS' Christina Keller

Have the Conversation” with the families that they serve. The event, held on October 22nd, hosted childcare providers throughout West Central Indiana that care for infants. Community organizations across the region worked together to create a consistent message promoting safe sleep, further supported by the keynote speaker, a local Pediatrician, and a panel of childcare providers that have had success in getting families onboard with safe sleep practices. WCIHS was able to provide safe sleep posters, information booklets, and infant sleep sacks to the childcare facilities to use both while the child is in their care as well as to send one home with the families to further promote safe sleep practices.

Connie Hire, Amanda Posey, Kaylee Fagg, Sarah Fagg, & Matthew Herrick

For more information about West Central Indiana Healthy Start (WCIHS) please click here.

For more information about what the Lugar Center for Rural Health is doing to decrease Infant Mortality click here.


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