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Our Story

The Midwest Center for Rural Health was established in 1992 as a division of the Family Medicine Residency with the charge of developing a model rural training program for family medicine residents aspiring to practice in rural, underserved areas. 


Throughout its 20 year history, the Center has been housed in a variety of locations, including Union Hospital, the Family Medicine Center, and off-campus locations. In 2003, the Lugar Center moved into the new Landsbaum Center for Health Education


In March 2006, the Midwest Center for Rural Health was renamed in honor of Indiana's U.S. Senator, the Honorable Richard G. Lugar, who devoted time and energy to addressing the healthcare needs of rural Hoosiers. Today, the Lugar Center for Rural Health continues its excellence in rural healthcare by having relationships with incredible partners. The Lugar Center's legacy resides in programs and healthcare providers that now operate effectively and independently from the Lugar Center. 

Legacy Defined
Our Story and Legacy outlined below.



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