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Lugar Center Initiatives

The Lugar Center has been driving the conversation on Telehealth for decades. We understand how Telehealth is a tool in the tool box for providers. Here's what we've contributed to the field of Telehealth.

Substance Abuse

An epidemic that knows no geographic or socioeconomic boundaries. Find out how the Lugar Center is helping professionals identify issues with their patients and how we're expanding treatment for Hoosiers


Creating and maintaining a rural training track for health care providers is woven into the fabric of the Lugar Center. We work with some of the best facilitators in the nation when it comes to rural workforce readiness.

Even the best insurance coverage doesn't matter if there's no place to use it. Innovative strategies and skilled professionals have made it possible to increase access of healthcare for rural Hoosiers. 



Indiana consistently has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the nation. In partnership with the state, the Lugar Center has implemented multiple initiatives with partners to attack what threatens our most vulnerable.

The Rural population on average is older and sicker than urban or suburban counterparts. As more Baby Boomers retire the "silver tsunami" is gaining momentum causing a need for healthcare workers and providers to be prepared to treat them. Here's what we're contributing.

Infant Mortality


Some completed their objectives and the book closed on the project.

Some completed their goal and shifted into an entity operating independently from the Lugar Center.

All impact healthcare for rural citizens.


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