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Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World. 

Aurora Prize Winner. 

World's Most Outstanding Catholic Missionary.

The Nuba people call him, Dr. Tom.


Dr. Tom Catena graduated from the Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency in 1999. Since graduating Dr. Catena traveled to Kenya and then the Nuba Mountains in Sudan founding the Mother of Mercy Hospital. In South Sudan Dr. Catena has settled in as a Catholic Missionary serving the native Nuban population in the Nuba Mountains. His work as the sole doctor for 750,000 people while sheltering from bombs from his own government has garnered worldwide attention culminating in Dr. Tom Catena winning the Aurora Prize's award for Awakening Humanity. A full bio of Dr. Catena is available here.  


In a rare trip to the United States on February 10th, 2019 Dr. Tom Catena, returned to Terre Haute for an interview at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology coordinated by the Richard G. Lugar Center for Rural Health and Union Hospital. The night rightfully dubbed, "An Angel Among Us" was a rare opportunity for Dr. Catena to catch up with his former mentors and colleagues. The evening included Dr. Catena discussing his duties to the Aurora Foundation, his time in Terre Haute, and the working conditions within the Nuba Mountains. Prior to the event Dr. Catena toured the updated residency he trained at over 20 years ago. While his time in town was short, Dr. Catena, his mentors, and his colleagues all appreciated the opportunity to share stories and memories while giving a platform for Dr. Catena to share his mission. A once in a lifetime opportunity for attendees is in the photo gallery below. Click here for the full video.


Released in 2016, The Heart of Nuba won the Hollywood Film Festival's Most Impactful Documentary Feature. The trailer below shows Dr. Tom Catena's work in dramatic fashion.