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Student Healthcare Policy Forum

West Central Indiana Area Health Education Center (WCI-AHEC), in collaboration with Union Hospital’s Richard G. Lugar Center for Rural Health (Lugar Center), will be hosting a healthcare policy forum on Tuesday, October 1. The forum, for Wabash Valley college students in health-related training programs, is meant to educate students on the process of developing policy and legislation, effective advocacy efforts, and current health topics being considered for legislation.

The Student Healthcare Policy Forum will take place at the Landsbaum Center for Health Education on Union Hospital’s campus from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Over one-hundred fifty students are expected to attend from a variety of health disciplines, including nursing, medicine, social work, and physical therapy. This is the first time WCI-AHEC and the Lugar Center have hosted this event and both are happy with the response they’ve received from students and say it’s important that they understand their role in the legislative process. “When it comes to healthcare policy, we need well-informed individuals advocating for their professions. By bringing them together early on as students, we hope to empower them to affect change within their future profession.” said WCI-AHEC Director, Jackie Mathis.

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