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Dr. Jim Turner & Cork Medical Center Featured by Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution Museum’s feature, "Crossroads, Change in

Dr. Turner & Dr. Mitchell

Rural America" partnered with Marshall to feature Cork Medical Center, a Rural Health Clinic in Marshall, IL, population 3,860.

Dr. Jim Turner, Lugar Center Medical Director, discussed how "Cork: Change in Rural Medical Care" changed the landscape for the delivery of rural healthcare through the dedication of three of its native sons: Dr. George Mitchell, Dr. James Buechler, and Dr. Turner.

Dr. George Mitchell

Dr. Turner, a native of Marshall, trained at Cork Medical and was mentored by Drs. Mitchell and Buechler, representing three generations of doctors at the practice. Dr. Buechler founded the Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency and Midwest Center for Rural Health which become the Lugar Center in 2006. (click here for more information about Dr. B). Dr. George Mitchell was the epitome of the rural doctor as he served Clark County for nearly six decades and was instrumental in establishing the Rural Medical Education (RMED) Program at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford.

The Smithsonian exhibit continues at the Marshall public library through April and is slated to close in early May. The program will conclude on May 2nd with a showing of Dr. Catena's documentary, "Heart of Nuba". For the event, Dr. Catena, recorded and sent a congratulatory and reminiscing audio clip for attendees of the impact of Dr. Buechler and Dr. Turner's work in rural medicine.

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