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Lugar Center Works With Senator Donnelly to Increase Maternity Care

Maternity Care for women in Indiana can be difficult depending on where you live. In Indiana there are over 30 counties without a hospital providing Obstetrical Services for families to deliver their babies. This increases risk factors which include infant mortality and delivery complications. The Lugar Center for Rural Health has worked to increase awareness of the issue and advocated for elected officials to support the Improving Access to Maternity Care Act.

The bill tasks HRSA to create Maternity Care Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) in order to fully grasp the issue for women and their families across the country. Senator Donnelly has graciously decided to Cosponsor the bill and quoted the Lugar Center for Rural Health's Dr. Jim Turner. The Lugar Center continues to work on improving maternity care for Indiana's pregnant women through the Perinatal Navigator Program.

Click here for information about the Perinatal Navigator Program.

The press release can be obtained here.

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