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SHRP: Improving Access for Community (Literally)

Last week (6/29/18), the Lugar Center’s six Summer Hoosier Rural Preceptorship (SHRP) students partnered with the Wabash Valley United Way and Servants at Work (SAWs) to build a wheelchair ramp at a home in Terre Haute. SAWs builds wheelchair ramps to provide persons with disabilities and conditions of aging with the freedom to remain in their homes and reconnect with their communities. A simple ramp can be life-changing. It signifies mobility and freedom for a population that may not otherwise be able to live in their home or come and go freely.

2018 SHRP Students (Left to Right): Jocelyn Yuen, Chris Schimmoeller, Mikayla Moody, Morgan Blake, Kenzi Holcomb, Joey Hebert

SHRP Students, SAWs Volunteers, and the ramp recipient

The SHRP students were excited to have the opportunity to make such a large impact in one day. For more information on SAWs, or to volunteer, please visit their website at

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