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Cannot Let the Perfect Solution be the Enemy of the Good

On March 16, Jim McClelland, Indiana's Executive Director for Drug Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement, met with leaders from the Lugar Center and Union Health to discuss initiativesaimed at combatting the opioid epidemic in the Wabash Valley. The discussion was robust and revolved around many topics including availing treatment options (MAT & non-MAT) to patients struggling with addictions.

Director McClelland stressed the importance of continuing innovative efforts toward addressing the drug epidemic, “[We] Cannot let the perfect solution be the enemy of the good.” To learn more about the Lugar Center's work in this realm, please visit our initiatives page or click here.

Participants included Jim McClelland, Dr. Randy Stevens (IUSM-TH & UHS), Dr. Robert Ehresman (UHFMR & VPCHC), Dr. Thomas Pendergast (UHS), Dr. Jim Turner, Hicham Rahmouni, Dan Hardesty, and Nicole Heath.

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