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Lugar Center presents at IRHA's Annual Conference

The Indiana Rural Health Association held its annual conference in French Lick, Indiana from June 12-14. The Lugar Center was represented in several capacities.

-Stephanie Laws presented with partners on innovations in the Allied Health Professionals workforce development field.

-Dr. Turner presented on his work in treating addiction. His

Dr. Turner, "The Addicted Brain"

presentation "The Addicted Brain" detailed the brain chemistry of an individual struggling with addiction. Dr. Turner also described the impact of different medication assisted treatments on patients who are treating their addiction.

-Hicham Rahmouni moderated a discussion with students who attended the conference.

Dr. Stevens and his Education Award

-Dr. Stevens was honored with the Education Award for his service at the IUSM, UHFMR, and the IUSM-RMEP.

For information about Indiana Rural Health Association events click here.

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