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Clay City Center for Family Medicine

Clay City Center for Family Medicine is a federally-designated rural health clinic and training center for health care providers. The cornerstone of the Rural Training Track is the Clay City Center for Family Medicine (CCCFM). The CCCFM houses a model rural family practice, which brings needed medical services to the community (approx. 5,000 patients), as well as provides medical students and family medicine residents with first-hand experience in a rural environment.

The CCCFM was established in 1993 in a 2,000 square foot building with three exam rooms, an office area, a large reception room and a small laboratory. The offices were moderately equipped for the purpose of ambulatory patient care. In October 1996, CCCFM moved into a new and expanded facility. The expanded facility encompasses approximately 7,000 square feet to accommodate an advanced family medicine clinic and a significantly increased amount of space for training residents, medical students, midlevel providers and mental health students. The new facility includes two mental health counseling rooms, a community education room that can accommodate prenatal classes, diabetes education programs, etc., a medical laboratory designed to support an advanced range of health care services.

CCCFM also features an advanced computer system and telecommunication capabilities that ensure increased access to medical information and data to track community health care needs and trends. The site's conference room is equipped with a videoconferencing system to facilitate remote connections to CME conferences and lectures.

Clay City Center for Family Medicine serves all patients regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. A sliding fee scale is available for uninsured patients, with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level.

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