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Making a Difference

In Rural America


Since 1992, The Lugar Center for Rural Health has worked with many clients on a variety of projects. In every project, the team is guided to overcome their challenges and build effective, long-lasting strategies. Check out the initiatives and discovery of best practice resources within the projects to find out more.

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Quality Improvement Projects

Journey's toward improved health policies, systems, products, technologies, and service outcomes with a goal to deliver methods that improve health and well-being

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Access Improvement Projects

Virtual Team Meeting


Rural residents report:

1.  Not enough higher paying jobs creating more poverty

2.  Not enough close locations for healthcare and emergencies

3.  Too many people are using illegal drugs and drinking alcohol

4.  Too many people with high anxiety

5.  Lack of cohesive family units


See how we utilized technology the last 30 years to improve access to healthcare in Rural America!

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Take the Journey Toward Excellence With Us

You Too Can Make A Difference in Rural America!

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