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Where rural communities have a voice and make their own choices

A Movement Where The Community Chooses to Make Its' Own Community Stronger! 

"THEM" tell
"YOU" the barriers.

Forest Path

Hot Topics in Rural America



Community Responsibility is Our Own

I-ACT is a movement in which rural communities change the way others communicate with Rural America.  The best way to change behaviors and move toward health and well-being is to listen, inform with facts, share resources, and let rural communities decide when and how it can work.  It starts with discussions so we can be informed with truth and be accountable to act on our own.  See what toolkits and resources we have discovered already for our fellow Rural America through these discussions. 


"It's our choice and we cycle the changes we need."

Country Boots

Let’s Work Together

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Resources created for our Rural Communities by Rural Residents
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