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Cancer, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Asthma


Why are we seeing communities not focused on catching up on their annual wellness for prevention?  Is there anything we can do?

Rural residents report:

1.  Many people are no longer thinking proactive about their health due to COVID

2.  Many people lost their jobs and no longer have insurance that cover prevention

4.  People are resisting what they are being told because of how COVID mandates were rolled out.

5.  People are having issues with transportation and the high cost for gas

6. Help by bringing as much services to them as possible so they do not have to leave their community

Breast Cancer Awareness Race




What are the resources available for people who had cancer and now in a cycle of survivorship and healing?

Rural residents report:

1.  Services are available though Oncology, but I no longer go to the clinic so I am not sure what else I could be doing

2.  There are no fun activities in my own community to create friendships with people like me

What is New and How We are Helping!

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