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The death of an infant is a community problem.

Over the past decade, more than 150 babies have died in Indiana’s Central Southwestern Region. In continuation of a string of efforts spearheaded by the Lugar Center for Rural Health, the West Central Indiana Healthy Start (WCIHS) program launched a dynamic initiative called Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) in collaboration with Regional Hospital, Union Hospital, Vigo County Department of Child Services and the Vigo County Health Department.

Every case in which a child who does not reach their first birthday will be reviewed by a panel of experts to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.


  1. FIMR Informed of Fetal/Infant Death

    • Vital Records, County Clerk, Local Birth Hospital, etc.

  2. Data Collection: Maternal Interview & Records Review

    • Medical Records Abstractor & Maternal Interviewer

  3. FIMR Team Reviews & Makes Recommendations (Case Review)

    • Case Review Team

      • Reviews, analyzes the information collected in maternal interviews and medical data abstractions

      • Summarizes findings and creates recommendations to improve the community service delivery systems and community resources

  4. Community Action

    • Community Action Network/Team:

      • Works with the community to implement interventions to improve services and resources

      • Determines if the needs of the community are changing over time and decides which interventions should be added or altered to meet the needs

  5. Improved Systems, Services & Resources for Families

  6. Improved Maternal & Infant Health

Click here for more information about FIMR and for full details on what the state of Indiana is doing to support regional FIMRs


  • Health Departments

  • OB & Pediatric Providers

  • Health Educators

  • Family planning providers

  • Hospital Representatives

  • Community Health Workers/Navigators

  • Drug Treatment Centers

  • Minority Rights Members

  • Local SIDS coalitions

  • Faith-Based Community Members

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • DCS

  • Coroner

  • Jail/Sheriff’s Office

  • WIC

  • School Nurses/Counselors

  • Indiana State Department of Health

  • Midwives

  • Prosecutor’s Office

  • Crisis Pregnancy Center

  • Fire Department

  • Purdue Extension

  • Pathologist

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