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Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Jim Turner was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) at this summer’s IRHA Annual Conference in French Lick, IN, for his dedication and commitment to rural medical education and for serving patients and communities throughout rural Indiana and Illinois.

It is difficult to summarize a lifetime’s worth of work for a country doctor like Dr. Turner. The impact on his patients, community, students, colleagues, and the rural health industry cannot be measured or quantified. Dr. Turner may tell you he’s just some kid from Marshall, whose dad worked at the local factory, and that he played receiver on the football team. However, all who have had the pleasure of knowing the good Doctor will know he is a man of high integrity, someone who possesses a servant’s heart, and someone who never underestimated the importance of respect, equality, faith, hard work, and showing up.

Congratulations, Dr. Turner!


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