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2016: NRHA Outstanding Rural Health Organization

The Richard G. Lugar Center for Rural Health has been named

NRHA’s Outstanding Rural Health Organization for advancing rural health through the recruitment and training of rural providers. Established in 1992, the center has facilitated the training of 84 family physicians who currently care for rural Americans throughout the country. This focus extends beyond graduate medical education, as illustrated by the exponential growth in rural-focused health professions students who train on the Union Hospital campus: from 60 to more than 600 in the past decade. The center has designed and implemented numerous outcome-based projects aimed at advancing access to, and quality of, health care in rural areas, including the Wabash Valley Rural Telehealth Network, which brings together independent rural providers and facilitates 6,000 live consults annually.

Pictured from Left to Right:

Project Associate, Amanda O'Brien; Executive Director, Dr. James Biggs; RHIC Executive Director, Stephanie Laws; Director of Grants, Hicham Rahmouni; Grant Associate, Jackie Michl;

Medical Director, Dr. Jim Turner

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